The Peacemakers -- Nita's Hidaway, Tempe, 4/9/99

The Peacemakers -- Nita's Hidaway, Tempe, 4/9/99 (95:07)

  1. Mekong
  2. Beautiful Disaster
  3. Easy
  4. I Feel Alright
  5. Wanted
  6. Sin Nombre
  7. Tell Yer Momma
  8. Blue Collar Suicide
  9. Roger speaks
  10. Down Together
  11. Instrumental
  12. Roger speaks
  13. Roger speaks
  14. Never Thought
  15. Water > Banditos
  16. City Girls
  17. Guitar Town
  1. Pancho and Lefty
  2. Roger speaks
  3. West Texas Moon
  4. Green & Dumb
  5. Roger tells the story behind "Girly"
  6. Girly > Baba O'Riley > Girly
Great soundboard recording, although I'm not entirely convinced that this is a complete show (it seems like there must be something before "Mekong." During "Baba O'Riley" the audio drops out for roughly a minute, although it appears that it was a technical problem during the show itself because when the sound returns, it does so with Roger seemingly asking for permission to finish the last 3 minutes of the show.