The Refreshments -- Wheelie (EP, 1994)

The Refreshments -- Wheelie (EP, 1994) (51:37)

  1. Banditos
  2. European Swallow
  3. Suckerpunch
  4. Don't Wanna Know
  5. Mekong
  6. Girly
  7. B.O.B.A.
  8. Down Together
  9. Psychosis
  10. Carefree
  11. Nada
1994 Indie release (Frosty Acres Music; limited to 2000) preceded the first commercial release on Mercury Records, Fizzy Fuzzy Big & Buzzy. These are all different versions than what would appear on FFB&B, and are recorded with the bandís original drummer, Dusty, who also does all of the backup vocals. "B.O.B.A." stands for Buffet on Bad Acid, and was renamed "Mexico" on FFB&B.